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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. HedonismCouple
Member since: 04/20/09
Certified Genuine
Couple Him: Straight
Her: Bi

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He:  37   6'3   225
She: 35   5'7   135
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  Pompano Beach

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Desired Age Range
21 to 69
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  • Drinkers OK
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    CLUB HEDONISM is South Florida's premier private, elegant, intimate, on-premise lifestyle club for the sophisticated & the adventurous... the elite swinger's ultimate playground.

    CLUB HEDONISM IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER LIFESTYLE CLUB: For over 35 years, we've been well known as S.Florida's friendliest & cleanest on-premise lifestyle nightclub. We take great pride in the high level of real comfort & welcome that even our newest members feel here. In our view, there's nothing more important in the lifestyle than that.

    MEMBERSHIP AND DOOR-FEES: We are a private, members-only lifestyle club specifically oriented to the swingers lifestyle. Membership is required for all persons who enter our club premises. Members pay nightly door-fees each time they visit. Check out our list of membership types & nightly door-fees at our clubhedonism website to determine which type of membership is best for your needs, & which door fee will apply to your intended visit.

    WHO YOU WILL MEET HERE: Our members come from all walks of life. They range in age from the mid 20's to the 50's & up, represent all sorts of interesting professions & hobbies, & offer a delicious variety of sexy sizes & shapes. As diverse as they may be, they share a few things in common such as their openminded attitudes, friendly personalities, love of fun, & genuine sensuality. What happens in the club stays in the club, so our members feel free to be themselves & fully enjoy their time here.

    RULES & PERSONAL LIMITATIONS: Talk together beforehand & agree upon your own rules & personal limitations. In the club, always remember & respect your agreement. Any changes or spontaneous special exceptions should be discussed together privately first, because nothing & no one is as important to you as your partner. As well, all members should respect the personal limitations of everyone else. Always ASK FIRST before initiating physical contact with anyone, or before trying to join in on anyone else's fun moment. A simple "no thank you" is all that should be required when the answer is no. We do not push or question why not & we can still be friends regardless. Anyone disrespecting those rules of common courtesy should be brought to the attenton of the club staff ASAP.

    BEST NIGHT FOR YOUR VISIT: The best night to visit is determined by your own preferences. If you're into single men (as well as couples), choose a Wednesday & Friday night. If you're NOT into single men, choose a Saturday.Our party's nights attract fabulous groups of sexy & fun party people

    WEDNESDAYS: couples, single ladies, single gentlemen.
    FRIDAYS: couples, single ladies, single gentlemen.
    SATURDAYS: couples and single ladies only..

    WHO IS INTO WHAT: How do you find out who is into what? Through simple, friendly conversation. Here at the club, chatting about sex is as common & normal as discussing your favorite restaurants. In fact, it's everyone's favorite topic! So if you want to know if someone prefers to play together as a couple (soft swap), if they would play seperately (full swap), if a woman is bi interested, just here for the atmosphere, or whatever... just ask!

    WHAT TO WEAR: Our "themes" are just for fun; they're not mandatory. Just pick out your sexiest attire & be as daring as you please. Spruce yourself up in all the ways that'll add to your own sexy self confidence. NOTHING is ever 'over-the-top' here! Men usually wear dressy shirts with slacks & shoes. Ladies go 'all out' with glittery body lotions, thongs, lingerie, babydolls, lacey see-thrus & mini-skirts. If you dress "daring", you can always cover up in a trench coat 'til you arrive!

    WE ARE A "BYOB" CLUB: Like all legal on-premise lifestyle clubs, we do not sell any alcohol here. If you would like to drink alcohol, remember to bring your own alcoholic beverages of choice in sealed, unopened bottles to comply with state alcohol & driving laws. (All sodas, waters, juices & mixers are complimentary & are served up by our fabulous professional bartenders.) You can choose to leave your unfinished bottles safely at the club for your next visit (except for wines and beer which we can not keep refrigerated for long periods), or you can opt to bring your unfinished bottles home with you when you leave. If you choose to bring you bottles home with you, please be sure to transport them in the trunk of your vehicle instead of in the passenger compartment to comply with the laws pertaining to opened bottles of alcohol.

    WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: You are going out to spend an evening in a nightclub, so bring any/all of your usual essentials for such an outing. As well, bring your bottles if you drink alcohol, condoms just in case, cash or credit card for your entrance fees (prices on our website) & enough cash to tip your bartender. There are toiletries available in our restrooms to freshen up with, but you may wish to bring your own favorite items.

    FOOD: Our complimentary hot & cold dinner buffet is sinfully scrumptious with all sorts of delectible delights to enjoy all evening long.

    ARRIVAL TIME: We open at 8pm. The average arrival is between 9:00 & 11:00pm. (Remember that we are open until 4am, so be prepared to stay out late!)

    Take I-95 to Sample Road (Exit #39). Go east approx. 1/2 mile, Pass Dixie Hwy. "The Club" is on the south side in the Plaza, immediately after the Hess gas station, tucked away in the corner of the plaza

    WHEN YOU ARRIVE: You'll arrive to a large, well lit parking lot in a L-shaped shopping plaza. The club is located in the corner of the plaza (the sign say "Club Hedo"). Ring our doorbell & you'll be greeted by our staff who will help with your quick membership paperwork & fees. They'll bring your bottle(s) to the bar after labeling them with your membership number. You'll receive a membership card as well. Then you will be escorted inside & receive a brief guided tour of your new club facility:
    ..... First, the "front of the house": You may be surprised that it appears to be a "regular", elegant, upscale nightclub! There's the pool table area, the big bar, mirrored walls, roomy dance floor with a pole, cozy seating areas, DJ booth, ladies and men's rooms, delicious complimentary buffet, etc... all accented with very sensuous mood lighting. Upon closer inspection however, you'll probably notice some rather sexy activities that you wouldn't normally see in a "regular" nightclub ; )
    ..... And then, the "back of the house": Our quiet intimate chat lounge, various themed closed-door & open-door private, semi-private & group playrooms, spicy adult extras such as The Sybian, Spider Chair, GYN Table, Pleasuring Table, Love Swings, etc... and finally... The Fantasy Lounge.

    Describe Yourself:
    EUROPEAN STYLE: Club Hedonism is a EUROPEAN STYLE club -- the only one of it's kind in S.Florida! Here, unlike all the other clubs, you do NOT have to disrobe into a towel in order to venture into the back of the house where the 'play areas' are located. Here you can be as dressed or as undressed as you choose, you can roam freely from the front into the back and visa versa whenever you please, and you can 'play' anywhere you please; play areas or front bar -- your choice! Our European style allows for a much more comfortable, elegant, spontaneous, fun & erotic evening.

    DISCRETION: All members are expected to abide by the lifestyle's most important rule: Everything You See & Hear Inside The Club Is Privileged Information & Not To Be Shared Outside Of The Club. As well, the use of cameras and camera-phones is prohibited. In other words, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

    YOUR NIGHT AT CLUB HEDONISM: Your night here can be anything you want it to be. Aside from 'sex', there's a helluva lot of fun conversation, dancing & fabulous flirtation to enjoy. It's up to you if you want to participate in anything, or just watch. You'll meet exhibitionists, voyeurs, combos, undecideds, soft swappers, full swappers, non swappers, etc... representing all age groups, nationalities & careers. You'll meet people with years of experience in the lifestyle, & people with none. You may wish to stroll into the back of the house every now and then just to see what's going on ; ) One thing's for certain: you'll never be bored!

    NEWSLETTER: Feel free to subscribe to our club's spam-free e-newsletter. There's a handy link located on our website, and that way you will be kept up-to-date via a weekly email on all things Club Hedonism..... i.e. specials, themes, events, news, etc. (As per Club Hedonism's strict confidentiality policies, your email address and all personal info are never sold or shared with anyone else for any reason whatsoever.)

    SEE YOU AT THE CLUB! Whether you are brand new to the lifestyle or well-seasoned swingers, it's always a great time to visit Club Hedonism. We look forward to seeing you at the club. We'll do our best to help make your first visit the prelude to many happy ones to come.

    1000 East Sample Road, Pompano Beach, FL 33064 USA
    phone: 954-783-4741

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